Hey There!

I'm Jenna! Thanks for stopping by. I am originally from Orlando, Florida. I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelors degree in advertising in 2014. Two weeks later, I packed up what would fit in my tiny Ford Mustang and drove across the country to Phoenix to pursue my dream of being a flight attendant and traveling the world. 

I instantly hit the ground running. I bought my first DSLR camera and quickly started making the most of my free flight benefits. The past six years have been so full of adventure that I felt like I had too much to share to keep it to myself. So I decided to start this blog! I hope you find something here that helps or inspires you <3 

Fun Facts:

- My hubby and I just got married in 2019. Mosssst of the pictures you see of me are taken by him. (He LOVES it haha). Together we have a one-year-old fur baby named Kona. 

- When I first started as a flight attendant and was on a super limited salary, my friends and I would rent minivans and then sleep in them to keep the travel costs low. 

-A LOT of research goes into my travels. I usually take a full day or two to research on Pinterest and Instagram before a trip. While I do believe in keeping some aspects of my travels spontaneous, I am a hardcore believer that knowledge is power and you can get so much more out of a well-researched vacation. 

-When I first started as a flight attendant, I was actually SUPER SCARED of flying. I was just so desperate to travel that I basically just ignored my fear to make it happen. I specifically remember flying out to training and gripping the armrest so tight that the lady sitting next to me asked if I was okay. I told her I was just a little nervous and to get my mind off of flying she asked what I was traveling for. I remember I was SO embarrassed to tell her I was on my way to flight attendant training.